Thursday, 15 December 2016

Quiet day

Last day of autumn semester. Since this is school project and students need credits, we had morning full of self- and peer evaluations. This autumn we had four different courses included in this project. Each course had different aspect of used technologies and it was delight to realize how many things can be combined into one project.

We had courses about pfsense, Zabbix and naturally the practical course. Courses were designed to support each other and in my opinion, they really did that. It was beautiful.

Now we start enjoying our well-earned holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! We will continue in the first week of January. Hopefully enthusiastic and rested.


Saturday, 10 December 2016

ICT Project Expo

Different, but definitely fun day at school. So many different projects! I'm glad that this year every project was presented in fair instead of basic Power Point presentation. It was interesting to test all the applications other ones had made, comment and give feedback. The high light was definitely when I got to test VR glasses for the first time in my life. It was both amazing and scary.

With one day notice, our telecommunication team did quite well. I'm proud of my two team members who presented with me without any hesitation. I had made a small Power Point slide show which was on loop. It consisted basic information about our Lahti2017-project and some pictures. Besides the slide show we also had other computer with more detailed pictures and of course - promotion for this blog.

It was truly interesting to talk about this project. Make it more visible to other students. I would do this again any time.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Google it.

Things are surely speeding up. This week we finally started putting wireless network together and testing it.

Three of us spent Wednesday evening by trying to figure why pfsense didn't work as it should. Some issues occured... Even installing pfsense was difficult! Luckily we had music. As my usual style - I was dancing around and trying to help the guys, light the room up with my smile. But when pfsense started to give screens like below, we decided it's time to go home.
Our setup on Wednesday evening.
Thursday was also fun. We had the same playlist, but way more people around. One of our teachers were leading the second year students with testing wireless access points. It was amazing to see how he encouraged them to look things up from internet, google things. It's surprising how many issues can be fixed just by googling the solution. You just need to know what to look for. And that is one of the things this school teaches us - how to find relevant information on our own.

IT field is changing fast and the things you learn in school are probably useless when you graduate. It's kinda sad, but there is also potential. School is not supposed to give you direct answers, it's teaching you how to survive later. It took me over 3 years to realized and accept that.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Weekly report

Once again it's Thursday which means project day. Planning for MainMediaCenter is on and most of the day went with it. Our proposal wasn't approved as it was, but after some changes we finally came to agreement. Compromising with all parties is the key to success.

After lunch we slit up and started to work with different tasks. This weeks tasks included making changes to pfsense, measuring fibers and getting know to other parts of the area. Besides these tasks, some of us concentrated on documentation and making sure everything is properly written down.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Road so far..

There's kinda much to catch up. Like I said earlier, the planning has started long time ago. This autumn we started in August by going through last year's setups. We created a new co-operative workplace for our files and divided everyone in the small groups.

If picture isn't showing, you can check it here.

October just flew by. We tested differences between Cisco and HP switches, made sure they are stable and had little bit fun with configuration. One of the most amusing things in beginning of October was getting our new monitor. You should have seen how everyone was thrilled. Playing with the new toy and messing with music. It's important to have fun while working.

If video isn't showing, you can check it here.

We have made suggestions for network layout of SubMediaCenter and Grandstand Central. Also plans from printers were created. Documenting every plan is surprisingly important thing to do, but luckily at least I like doing it. So far we have at least documents for configurations, printers, VLANs and laptops. I have to say, updating and preparing laptops was bigger operation than anyone thought, but we managed to do it!


Friday, 18 November 2016


Lahti2017 is a huge event for Finland and especially for Lahti. This means that students of Lahti University of Applied Sciencies (Lahti UAS) are also deeply involved with it.

Our project is to build IT infrastructure for media and support it in Lahti2017. We support IT team with this import task. You would be surprised how many things are needed for functional, secure internet! This project has started last year's Pre-World Championships and during this autumn our team has been planning and testing, improving things from last year.

How it works?

We have our awesome teachers who make sure the whole package is in one piece. They gently guide us in the right direction and make sure our client's orders are fully heard. They are the bridge between the client and the students. They mainly consult 4th year students and support us when needed.

Every final (4th) year telecommunication student has their own small group of 3rd and 2nd year students. These small groups fulfill different kinds of tasks - whatever is needed. It can be creating topology for cabling or network mapping, clean installing Windows and Linux, or just listing the things we need.

You are most welcome to join us and see little bit behind the scenes.